Night Socks

Night Socks can be used in a similar way to Night Splints, they can aid in gently stretching certain muscles over night. In some cases of Achilles Tendonopathy, where blood supply to the tendon is limited, we may recommend them to assist in our treatment from the comfort of your home, decreasing the number of […]

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Rehab boots

If your Plantar Fascia is torn or if you have had this condition for a very long time, we may need to immobilize your foot to enable healing. We can do this with a Rehab Boot and due to our association with our Sports Medicine Supplier (we share the building with them at our head […]

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Specific Heel Pain Exercises

Heel Pain Exercises Very specific heel pain exercises may be recommended for some of the heel conditions. Listening to the Podiatrist and following the specific heel pain exercises is very important. Calf stretches for example, need to be done in a very specific way when treating these conditions. Doing them incorrectly can be counter productive […]

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